Do you want to create your dream permaculture garden and be as self-sufficient as possible but the overwhelming options and information leave you frozen and unable to make a start? 

Do you feel you lack the skills and confidence to grow a garden that provides you with food and resources and supports wildlife?  

Do the current instabilities in the world and global climate change make you feel insignificant and as if your unable to help have a positive impact? 

"Before I became an ecological gardener and permaculture designer. I felt overwhelmed by all the problems in the world. I felt my existence was having a negative impact and I could not see the answers. 

I discovered that if I worked with permaculture I could have a positive impact on the world around me. restoring environments, produce nutrient packed foods and improve peoples lives. Its given me a direction and purpose with my short time on this beautiful planet”

- Sid

I Want You To Get Inspired
We are at a critical time where we all need to take the steps necessary to create a sustainable culture. On this site I will dedicate my time to share the skills and knowledge I have gained over years of creating permaculture gardens and small-holdings. I want to support as many people as I can to get inspired and get growing!

Hello, I’m Sid.
Permaculture and ecological gardening has been a big part of my life since childhood. I grew up home-educated on a small-holding and rather than sit in school, I spent my time growing food ecologically, preserving our harvests and learning about sustainable living.

Over the last 13 years I have been running a permaculture consultancy and ecological garden business, helping others realise their dreams to live in symbiosis with nature and improve their self reliance. Now I want to share the skills and knowledge I have gained via these online courses. Guiding you through my tried and tested methods of self-reliance, ecological gardening and sustainability skills.

Here Are Some Of The Courses I Am Currently Working On
How To Create An Edible Forest Garden - Course

Would you like to grow an edible forest in your garden but do not know where to start? After years of experience creating edible forest gardens for my clients, I want to share with you a clear process of how to set up you first edible forest garden.

Course Coming Soon!

How To Create An Edible Meadow - Course

Would you like to know how I create biodiverse, beautiful and edible meadow plantings? This is a unique method of food cultivation that supports wildlife whilst producing food and beautiful. As seen on BBC Gardeners World.